Who we are

Advanced Plastic Services has been providing quality semiconductor manufacturing support equipment for over 20 years. 
Prior to the establishment of APS in 2000, our leadership group worked in the semiconductor industry providing start-up support services in the North Texas area. In 1999, with a substantial increase for the demand of microchips, the need for support equipment was also on the rise. As the industry continued to grow, so did the amount of time it was taking to receive the support equipment needed for the factories to operate. Most of the equipment being manufactured had to come from out of state or overseas, further delaying production. With that, we realized how the customer could benefit from having a local manufacturer, hence the beginning of Advanced Plastic Services. 
With our background in the service industry, we know how important it is to maintain a great relationship with our customers. Honesty, integrity and trust are the core values that we at APS hold very near to us and firmly believe that beyond the many products we offer, is the key to establishing new customers and maintaining the relationships we have today.