What we do

With over 60 years of combined experience, covering many different facets of the semiconductor industry, our team understands the demanding, high-paced complexities of the industry. With that, APS can help you meet your goals by providing quality products that fit your needs. We offer various types of support equipment including chemical distribution units, fab carts, waste collect systems, valve manifold boxes, chemical hoods, and pull boxes, just to name a few.


Although many of our baseline products are fully designed, they are also fully customizable, and we are always ready for new designs and challenges. Our engineering department will work with your team to bring your specific needs to fruition. Utilizing the latest 3D MODELING software for engineering and design, we will work together to meet your design requirements prior to manufacturing.


We do all the plastic work in-house. We cut, assemble, and weld all our cabinetry at APS. Competitors will usually outsource this work, which can drive up costs and cause delays. Using Solid Works and our CNC routers we will fabricate the project to the design specifications and ensure that it leaves our facility adhering to the highest quality standards.

In addition to our impeccable customer relationships, we believe our relationships with vendors are equally important. We work with a wide range of vendors to ensure competitive pricing and parts are received on time. We will install the components into the equipment using our standard operating procedures and perform rigorous testing on all our products to meet our quality standards as well as the customers. We always welcome our customers to come to our site to observe the work that we do.